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With Susan's training, skills and patience, my husband and I were certified 5 years ago. Not too many people take up diving after 50, but it's the best thing we've ever done. Give it a shot, let Susan open a whole new world to you.  - Elle

It’s been 5 years of joy. Best thing I’ve ever done all thanks to your patience and skill. - Lizanne 

Susan is a fantastic scuba instructor. She has a  warm and welcoming, friendly teaching style. She has done and continues to do an excellent job instructing my teenage boys.  She is extremely patient and dedicated to the safety skills and preparedness of scuba diving, which as a mother is my biggest concern. She makes learning about scuba and the ocean environment fun and exciting!  I highly recommend Susan as an instructor! - Jeannie

Susan is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor. She promotes excellent safety and critical thinking skills. She has been so supportive as my son and I have pursued more advanced diving adventures and has inspired us to continue to challenge ourselves. - Lisa 

Susan has a knack for calming the skittish scuba student. She has the gifted skill to teach the younger students. Many Girl and Boy Scouts have had the life interest changed by Susan as she introduces them to the underwater world. I personally know several local Boy Scouts who have expressed interest in studying Oceanography in college from their scuba certification from Susan. - Dave Metrano, Instructor