1996-1998 Fund Raiser/Grant writer for Salem Partnership in conjunction with the-National Park Service. Responsibilities included securing local funds for the building of the “Friendship”, a reconstruction of a 171 ft. three-masted East India vessel built in 1717. The floating classroom (as it is referred to) acts as a hands-on exhibit to teach youth about the sea, history of trade, and the importance of the sea for commerce.  www.salemweb.com/friendship.

2012-current Earth Day Beach Clean-Up Work I work with DPW on this annual event coordinating group beach cleanup efforts in the water and surrounding beach area to improve the environment we dive in. 

2014 Documentary made in support of the 100th anniversary of Hard Hat Helmet Diving. I was asked by the Maritime Gloucester Museum to be the safety diver for the filmmaker Dan Trumbley. I designed, oversaw and implemented procedures ensuring that modern safety standards were followed. In a role that was traditionally male, this makes for a strong statement for the progress that women continue to make in the field of scuba diving. Gloucester Times Newspaper May 24, 2014. New Englander Show (CATV).  Air Bubbles North Shore Frogmen Newsletter.

2014 CUBA’s Conservancy Program-Garden of the Queens WDHOF I spent 10 days with scientist, Explorer Club Fellow, and Founder of Ocean Doctor, Dr. David Guggenheim. We met with local scientific educators discussing the unique reef systems of Garden of the Queens, the lionfish epidemic, how to protect the Goliath Groupers and how to preserve this marine sanctuary. We discussed the locals' dependency on the ocean for their food source, what steps need to be taken to preserve it and strategized about what alternatives could be offered to sustain both.    

2015-current Conservation Awareness presentations in remote schools and villages. Reaching about 135 local village students each presentation, presented twice annually. Done in conjunction with relief work locations, see relief work section for details.                                            

2015 EPA eel grass studies, Marblehead Ma. Local homeowners hire me to work with EPA as to where the eelgrass beds are and where there are viable locations for dock pylons. My goal is the preservation of the eelgrass as beds for the fish eggs.

2017-current- Founder Celebrate Women Divers Day. Set the record for the largest gathering of women divers in the world, held at seven locations worldwide. Activities include group dive, speakers, women only dive boat charters, and personal speaking engagements. Raised over $9000 for the WDHOF Scholarship and Grant Program. This event is held every July. Blog about it on PADI website, Women Divers Hall of Fame fall newsletters 2017and 2018 plus Facebook.

2017 NOAA/WDHOF – Diving the Flower Gardens, Coral Spawning event. Organized by Emma Hickerson NOAA. Jonathan Bird from Blue World TV series filmed a segment “Diving the Flower Banks” which has appeared on a YouTube Video. Several speaking engagements regarding this event at DEMA, BTS and local dive clubs. 

2018 Martinique- invited down to work with 5 resorts/dive shops to do evaluations to determine what changes need to occur in order to bring American divers to the island. Written evaluation submitted to the Board of Tourism followed by a presentation about the island at local dive clubs. I followed up with sending Rudy Whitmore, Founder of Seahorse Productions, to photograph the marine sanctuary and surrounding communities and to check on the results of my evaluation. His results will be shared with the Board of Tourism and he will also share his findings at BTS and local dive clubs in the mid-west area 

2018 Malaysia resort evaluations- spent one month in Malaysia working with three hotels providing environmental friendly suggestions, new innovative programs to help sustain and expand their operation, instituted environmental friendly programs for the resorts as well as initiated reef clean ups and Crown of Thorns eradication program.

2018- Borneo Divers on Mabul Island. Met with resort manager, Tasha, on several occasions after spending a week there in regards to my suggestions on a more environmentally friendly water dispensing system. Set up a program where they are no longer distributing plastic water bottles to resort guests and now have large 5-gallon jugs in each room and throughout the resort and the guests are given reusable water bottles with resort logo instead. This new program is great for the environment as well as advertising for the resort once the guests return home. My hope is that other resorts on the island will follow suit and help the half-mile long plastic water bottle pile up on the main island.

2018 B &J Dive Resort- worked with owner Martin Ritter on Tioman Island to set up and institute a continuing program to eradicate the Crown of Thorns epidemic and how to turn that project into a tourist attraction to increase business. Began by working with Martin and his dive staff, filming the process and eradicating approx. 60 COT properly. I have since spoken on this ocean conservation program at several local dive clubs. 

2018- Layang Layang- I worked with the head of conservation diving and observing the turtle preservation program, the natural fish farms and the artificial reef. I made suggestions in how to turn these existing environmental friendly programs, unknown to the resort guest, into tourist attractions by expanding the offerings beyond the allure of the schooling hammerheads. I made further suggestions of programs that can be incorporated into their dive selections that are offered elsewhere in the world such as blue water large animal night diving, flora night diving, and land programs to sustain interest in the island beyond hammerheads.

Met with Board of Tourism for Malaysia, Clement Lee and offered findings and evaluations. Continue to follow up on a regular basis via email and meetings during dive shows.

2018-current  Board of Tourism- Dominica, Malaysia and Martinique, assisting in long term planning to strengthen diving by offering new programs, site improvement and restructuring to accommodate American Dive community. I do this through speaking at dive shows, local dive clubs, social media presence and written media outlets.  

2019 Scholarship - Gloucester/Rockport High School- Founder. I am in the process of working with the local dive clubs and local businesses throughout the Cape Ann area setting up a scholarship for a graduating senior who is interested in pursuing a marine career.  Value is approx. $1000. The committees criteria is based on past environmental work, GPA and proposed area of concentration in college. 

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