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Brendan Shea
I have  now completed a M.S. in Marine Biology from Northeastern University. In 2018, I conducted my thesis research on how white sharks affect the behavior of other local fish species in the waters off of Cape Cod, MA. I am now certified as an AAUS scientific diver to a depth of 100’ in order to conduct scientific research underwater. I plan to begin my Ph.D. in 2020, but in the meantime, I am  working with the ocean conservation NGO Beneath the Waves as the field research manager. I am using a variety of technologies, including acoustic and satellite telemetry, to better understand the threats facing sharks in an effort to affect policy and aid in their conservation. 

Susan's "Rising Sea Stars" are former students who have continued to follow their passion for diving in meaningful ways. See what they've accomplished and what their plans for the future are.

Senirosa Veresa

Senirosa is a young Fijian girl who I have mentored the last two years. She has been given a set of dive gear which enabled her to take an open water class. She has quickly moved up the ladder and is finishing her Dive Master Training now. She has worked at the Shark Center in Fiji and is now working on a coral restoration project in the same area. She is one of the few female Fijian female Dive Masters. 

Nadia Letendre
I am  14 years old and have completed the Open Water Diver Certification Class which helped me get a position at the Marine Biology in Training Program at the New England Aquarium. My long term goal is to train and medically assist aquatic mammals. I was a 2017 recipient of one of the prestigious  Women Divers Hall of Fame  Scholarships, which also got me an invitation to be an ambassador for the program at Susan's Celebrate Women Diver's Day Event the past two July's 

Mike Letendre

I have  worked extremely hard over the last five years and obtained MASTER DIVER by the age of 16, an elite status  which is only achieved by 3% of the certified population. My specialities were in Underwater Naturalist, Night diving, Search and Recovery, Fish Identification and Peak Performance Buoyancy. I will be attending college in the fall to further my marine passion through the engineering division. 

Annie Mailo 
I have been passionate about Maritime History ever since partaking in Susan's underwater archeology class in the pool during one of her  adventure scuba sessions. I have graduated college and I am working toward my Masters in Maritime History. In my free time, I am also is committed to giving back and I assist Susan  in discover classes helping the Next Generation of Divers like me.   

Katherine Lasdin
I a graduated from the  University of Maine in marine science, with a marine biology concentration. I had the good fortune to study at James Cook University ( AU). I took courses in Life History and Evolution of Reef Corals, Conserving Marine Wildlife: Reptiles, Birds, Mammals, and Coral Reef Geomorphology. Through my classes, I was able to perform research at Orpheus Island. I am finished my capstone, studying parasites found in a deep, cold water coral species. I am now a graduate student at Oregon State University studying the abundance and occurrence of microplastics in black rock fish. I began diving with Susan's discover scuba class for Girl Scouts. 

Vivian Qiao

I started diving when I was nine years old in Susan's Adventure scuba program. Neither one of my parents could swim and they wanted me to be able to have the opportunity to explore the underworld, something they couldn't do .  Despite the challenges and sometimes harsh New England conditions I loved it and couldn't get enough. Susan kept challenging the group of us with the weekend Scuba Club which was a series of 28 scuba programs and soon I was being asked to help with some of the other kids just starting the program. After several years, I finally finished my five specialties, night, coral awareness, drysuit , peak performance buoyancy and search and recovery. Once I finished those and had some more dives logged I tackled the  rescue class and obtained my Master Diver by the age of 17 yrs old. I am always about "what's the next step." I hope to begin my Dive Master training sometime this summer. Scuba is in my blood, there are always more oceans to dive, fish to ID and skills to hone. Bring it on! 

Kevin Bennett
Here’s what I’ve been up to
 1. Majoring in MES at CGA in preparation for work in fisheries, natural disaster response, environmental protection, etc. 
2. Assisting in a research project on mapping ocean surface conditions
3. Diving when I can and will continue my diving certifications
Coast Guard Academy  majoring in Marine and Environmental Science, Classes on Chemistry, Meteorology, and Marine Biology. When I graduate I’ll be working with fisheries, natural disaster response, and environmental protection, Presently participating in a research project that involves using radio antennas to map ocean surface conditions for use in weather forecasting and possibly with search and rescue applications. Last summer I sailed on the USCGC Eagle for 6 weeks


Molly Alvino
I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Marine Biology from Northeastern University working as an Intern at the Bimini Biological Field Station, the “Sharklab,”  Out of a field of 210 applicants, I was chosen as one of three to intern at the New England Aquarium in the Giant Ocean Tank as a diver. I have 
completed my Rescue SCUBA certification, as well as having specialities in Nitrox, Coral Reef Restoration, and Fish ID. I am a proud recipient of the 2019  Back Scatter Underwater Imaging Digital Shootout Training Grant which will enable me to study photography in Grand Cayman this June. I can't wait!!

Molly Lennon

I graduated from St. Lawrence University with a major in Environmental Science. I have obtained my PADI Advanced Certification from Susan and for the last two summers I  worked at the Bio Marine Lab doing water sampling. I am now working full time in the field of Environmental Science.

Katie D'Innocenzo
After completing Susan's open water class I was hooked and eventually became  a Master Scuba Diver Trainer Instructor and Junior Programs Coordinator at Jack's Dive Locker in the Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary in Hawaii for several years. I certified roughly 200 students earning the Padi Elite Instructor Award in 2016. Part of my responsibilities were to coordinate beach and underwater cleanups with kids ages 6-18. I have participated in PADI Women's Dive Day, and a NOAA pilot program for kids called the Ocean Guardian Dive Club.